Criticals (Кріти)

Criticals represent the improved outcomes of actions that resulted in an exceptional success. When the result on the die matches the value of the Attribute (remember: the value of the Attribute with all MODs applied), the action is a Critical success. The goal of the action was achieved in the best possible way. A perfect success, congratulations!


N3 Frequently Asked QuestionFAQ Version: 1.1
Q: The rules say that a Critical with an Intuitive Attack deals one direct wound. What happens when you roll a Critical when laying a Mine or other Deployable Weapon with Intuitive Attack?
A: Simply deploy it and don’t detonate it, the Critical affects Intuitive Attack with a BS Weapon and the Mine or other Deployable Weapon is not a BS Weapon.
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N3 Frequently Asked QuestionFAQ Version: 1.6, Apr 2019
Q: What happens when a troop rolls a Critical with a Template Weapon that affects more than one troop?
A: The main target of the attack suffers the Critical effects of the Special Ammunition, weapon, or rule, for example Normal Ammunition will cause the target to lose one Wound/Structure, bypassing the ARM or BTS Roll.The Roll will not count as a Critical against the other troops, instead counting as a success that can be beaten by higher Rolls.
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N3 Frequently Asked QuestionFAQ Version: 1.8, Oct 2019
Q: A trooper with a SymbioMate and two or more Wounds remaining on their Active Symbiont Armor profile receives a Critical hit that causes the trooper to lose a Wound. Is the SymbioMate lost, even though no ARM or BTS Roll has been made?
A: Yes, the SymbioMate is lost. The Attack itself still counts as requiring an ARM or BTS Roll, even if the result of the Attack is a Critical.
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