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Classified Deck

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Ever since the Classified Objectives were first introduced in the ITS rules, both players and organizers have been asking for an alternative to the selection system by means of a die roll on the various Classified Model Charts. In answer to this request here you have the Classified Deck – a card deck summarizing all the Classified Objectives -. The Classified Deck will speed up objectives selection during tournaments, where time is of the essence, and it will become the best tool to check the details of each objective in play. Moreover, it will allow the referees and organizers to check the objectives during the game.

The Classified Deck is the only official and authorized method to select the Classified Objectives during the ITS tournaments. However, during unofficial games it will still be acceptable to use the various Classified Model Charts included in the N3 book.

The Classified Deck is a Corvus Belli product in collaboration with Customeeple.

Please note:

  • One Classified Deck supplied in English

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