Dacian Tribesmen with slings


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Dacian tribesmen were poorer or less skilful than the falxmen and nobles but provided support that was more than adequate in the form of javelins, sling stones and arrows. In sufficient numbers, they were capable of facing even veteran soldiers and many a legionary met his end at their hands.

Though slings are slow to fire in comparison with other ranged weapons in the game, they pack quite a punch and benefit from enormous range, keeping the relatively fragile Tribesmen out of enemy range. Couple this with their ‘Hit and Run’ special rule and take 10 or more to activate the ‘strength in numbers’ special rule – and make the lowly tribesmen troublesome for even the most experienced enemy warrior.


  • 12x Tribesmen with slings

Please Note:

    • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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