Fallout: WW: Nuka Cola Machines


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Created in 2044, Nuka Cola was the most popular soft drink in the United States.

Even after the war, bottles of the drink in its various flavours have survived in vending machines and bars across the Wasteland. Lucky survivors might find a bottle or two in these machines to really make their day go with a zing. This blister pack contains 4 high quality unpainted resin 32mm Nuka Cola Machines with optional panels to detail your gaming tables or provide objectives to fight over.

4 Nuka Cola Machines

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Что в коробке?

  • Knight-Captain Cade
  • Paladin Danse
  • Eyebot
  • 3 Scenic bases
  • 6 Large cards: Unit and AI
  • 10+ small cards with a range of: Items (Weapon, Equipment, Mod, Power Armour), Boosts, Quests, Perks, and Leaders


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