Fallout: WW: Organized Play Kit 2


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Enhance your in store experience with the Fallout Wasteland Warfare Organized Play Kit.

This kit is designed for up to 8 players to complete a set of goals in store to win an Exclusive Luck Dice only available from this pack.

Organised Play Kit Rules
2 Posters to promote the Event
10 Exclusive Promo Luck Dice

Додаткова інформація

Кількість гравців:

Жанри ігор:




Час гри:


Дата виходу:

Что в коробке?

  • Knight-Captain Cade
  • Paladin Danse
  • Eyebot
  • 3 Scenic bases
  • 6 Large cards: Unit and AI
  • 10+ small cards with a range of: Items (Weapon, Equipment, Mod, Power Armour), Boosts, Quests, Perks, and Leaders


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