Fate Core: Deck of Fate

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Add a little variety to your gaming table! The Deck of Fate can be used to inspire character approaches, stimulate storytelling twists, or replace dice rolls. Use it with or in place of the dice in any Fate or Fudge-based roleplaying game, as a character creation method, and more.

With the Deck of Fate, you get three decks in one! In this package, you’ll find:
-6-card “Accelerated Arcana” deck containing inspirational images for each of the Fate Accelerated approaches.
-A 9-card “Core Arcana” deck containing nine concepts with “aspect style” positive and negative suggestions.
-A 81-card “Dice Card” deck to simulate the toss of four Fate Dice. Descriptive phrases on each card provide additional storytelling inspiration.

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