French Infantry Napoleonic Wars

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The French armies, led by Napoleon, dominated Europe through the early 19th century. The all conquering French line infantry ‘Les Bleus’ used a combination of massed columns, fast manoeuvre, and firepower to shatter the armies of Prussia, Austria, Spain and Russia, culminating in a death struggle against Wellington and Blucher’s alliance at Waterloo in 1815. Well led and confident of victory, the average French soldier swept almost all foes before them. Contains 8×17 ml. / 0.57 Fl. Oz.

70.947 Dark Vermillion
70.953 Flat Yellow
70.899 Dark Prussian Blue
70.820 Off-White
70.878 Old Gold
70.865 Oily Steel
70.836 London Grey
70.891 Intermediate Green

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