Kasym Beg, Kum Chieftain (Chain Rifle)


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“Lets ride” with this awesome miniature of Kasym Beg on his low rider futuristic hot rod bike, an advance release of 3rd Edition new troop profiles.

A Kum Chieftain for his road warriors, a natural leader as he is the biggest, cruellest one of the lot. Any one can try and take leadership of this gang, but they just need to beat Kasym first or die trying. Heir of the Izzat Beg empire, a rebel and guerrilla chief of the savage and reckless Kum Kirguiz troops, he has earned a notorious reputation as a bandit on the Silk Route, the scourge of Haqqislamite merchants. Armed with a large gun and blade, he can impressively raise his heavy gun in one hand to blast any opponent away or cut them down with his sword in the back as they run in fear from him. A fantastic model and a great addition to any Haqqislam faction.

Please Note: This model comes unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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