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Acrylic Colors Set. 6 jars 17mL

A selection of the most accurate colors for a wide variety of modern and in service U.S. Army vehicles including M1A1, MRAPs, M109, M113 and M2 and many others. This thorough set covers a range of vehicles in various theatres including NATO camouflage colors, MERDC, single color camouflage schemes, as well as APC Interior Light Green. All 6 jars are acrylic and formulated for maximum performance both with brush and airbrush.  The Scale Reduction-Effect will allow us to apply the correct color on our models. Water soluble, odorless, and non-toxic. Shake well before each use. Each jar includes a stainless steel agitator to facilitate mixture. We recommend A.MIG -2000 Acrylic Thinner for correct thinning. Dries completely in 24 hours.

Includes colors:

  • A.MIG-046      Matt Black
  • A.MIG-085       NATO Brown
  • A.MIG-025       US Modern Vehicles FS33446
  • A.MIG-081       US Olive Drab FS24087
  • A.MIG-082       Interior Light Green
  • A.MIG-084       NATO Green

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